Thursday, October 15, 2015

House Study Examines Administrative Rules Process

OKLAHOMA CITY - On Wednesday, Rep. George Faught held an Interim Study with the House Committee on Administrative Rules to discuss options for streamlining and improving the Administrative Rules Process. The committee heard testimony from several state agencies and industry stakeholders who expressed concerns about the current method of proposing and reviewing the rules, including the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, the State Department of Education, the Secretary of State’s Office, and the Corporation Commission.

Since resuming his position as Chairman of the committee, Rep. Faught noticed serious flaws in the process currently in statute, including confusing and uncertain timelines concerning rule approval dates. While the members of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives Committee on Administrative Rules work diligently throughout the legislative session to personally discuss and review the rules with state agencies and interested parties, the effectiveness of legislative oversight is minimal. Under the current system, the legislature must pass a single resolution, encompassing all agencies rules submitted prior to April 1st, which declares all rules approved and notes any disapproved rules.

For the past two years, the legislature has failed to pass such a resolution. This inaction negates the work of the committee and cedes legislative oversight authority to the Governor. With insight from all perspectives, Rep. Faught plans on proposing legislation to revise the Administrative Procedures Act and repair the current, flawed process.

Rep. Faught said, “We have heard from the members of the legislature, our state agencies, and the people we serve. We realize the system is broken and we can improve it. I commend the Administrative Rules Committee for their tireless work. I am confident that in conjunction with the Senate, we can reach a solution that will enable the legislature to exercise its authority in protecting the people and ensuring more efficient government.”


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