Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pam Pollard wins Special Election for OKGOP Chair

Pam Pollard won the Oklahoma Republican Party chair election held this afternoon in Oklahoma City, and will fill out the rest of Randy Brogdon's two-year term (expiring spring of 2017).

339 state committee members were present in person or by proxy (including 106 from state legislative members).

The tally in the first round of balloting was 163 votes for OFRW President Pam Pollard, 115 for Vice-Chair Estela Hernandez, and 77 for 3rd District Chair Robert Hubbard. There were 16 extra votes cast over the credentialed amount of members, and that surplus left Pollard slightly under the 50%+1 majority, but Estela Hernandez motioned and Robert Hubbard seconded that Pollard be approved as chair by voice vote.

Our thanks to all three for running, congratulations to the new OKGOP Chair, and best wishes on moving the Party forward.

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  1. As Muskogee County GOP State Committeewoman, I attended this meeting to vote on the State Chair. I do NOT believe there was any intended effort to cast extra votes. I think the problem was with so many folks carrying proxies who would normally not be able to vote, but in the credentialing process a few were mistakenly given more than one set of ballots. To clarify, as State Committeewoman I get to vote PLUS I was carrying a proxy for our County Chair who couldn't attend, so I got another vote. But not everyone who carried a proxy was supposed to get 2 sets of ballots - somehow, 16 individuals did. All three of the candidates had strengths and vision for our OKGOP - fortunately, all three will stay engaged and help move our party forward! Enough with the controversies! Let's put it all behind us and get to work!


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