Saturday, November 01, 2014

Voter Registration Map: Pre-2014 General Election

Official numbers are in from the State Election Board, and the voter registration in Oklahoma as of November 1st, 2014, stands as follows: 884,150 Democrats, 881,253 Republicans, 257,045 Independents, and 8 Americans Elect.

Democrats hold the plurality by a mere 2,897 registrants.

Compare the above map to the one from January, at this link.

Majority Republican: 21 counties (same)
Plurality Republican: 9 counties (+1)
Plurality Democratic: 8 counties (+1)
Majority Democratic: 39 counties (-2)

Since January, Custer County moved from plurality Democrat to plurality Republican. Beckham and Comanche Counties moved from majority Democrat to plurality Democrat.

Registration swung in the Republican direction by 1.44%. Every county moved towards the GOP. Tillman County continues to be the county with highest GOP growth.