Thursday, November 06, 2014

2014 Election Results Map: Lt. Governor (and Lamb's historic win)

The latest in my Election Results Maps series: the 2014 Lieutenant Governor race.

(click image to view larger)

As you can see, Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb carried every county in the state. In fact, his margins were so massive I had to change the percentages covered by the different colors. In 10 counties, Lamb had over 85% of the vote. In Cimarron County, he took 91.15%!

Lamb's "worst" county? Coal County, where he got 54.73% to Cathy Cummings' 45.27% - a 9.47% margin of victory.

Also of note, Lamb received the most votes of any Republican on the ballot: 561,453. By comparsion, Jim Inhofe got 557,537 and James Lankford had 556,382. Lamb had 101,665 more votes than Mary Fallin.

Granted, Lamb's race didn't have nearly the same attention or money spent, and his opponent was clearly second-tier, but Lamb's performance is still remarkable.

As best as I can tell (and I looked through election results back to 1907), Lamb's 68.5% is the highest percentage any Republican candidate has ever received for a statewide office, excluding U.S. Senate. It's not the first time a Republican not running for U.S. Senate or President has carried every county (Ken Miller did in 2010, for example), but Lamb beat out the previous "high tide" record -- Brenda Reneau's 1998 Labor Commission victory of 68.42%. The only Republican candidate to have a higher percentage was Sen. Tom Coburn, with 70.64% in 2010.

So, let's recap:

  • Only State-Office Republican to carry all 77 counties in 2014 (excluding the U.S. Senate races)
  • Most votes among the 2014 Republican statewide candidates
  • Highest percentage among the 2014 Republican statewide candidates
  • Highest percentage in state history for a Republican State-Office candidate (excluding unopposed incumbents)
  • 2nd highest overall percentage in state history for a statewide Republican candidate

Very impressive, Mr. Lieutenant Governor.


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