Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Election Results Maps: Democrat Senate, Superintendent runoffs

Another statewide election day has passed, and another set of my Election Results Maps has been produced. Since the Republicans had no statewide races go to a runoff, these maps are of the two Democrat races. As always, the colors have more to do with the candidate's dominant sign/logo color than with ideology.

First up, the Senate runoff between uber-liberal state senator Connie Johnson and sometimes-successful perennial candidate Jim Rogers.

(click to view larger)

As with the primary, Johnson basically only won because she rolled up big margins in the OKC and Tulsa metros. Otherwise, Rogers performed very well in the rural areas. Johnson did make more inroads than in the primary, as evidenced when you compare this map to the primary election map.

Contrary to what ODP Chairman Wallace Collins recently told the press, however, James Lankford won't have any problem trouncing Johnson.

Next, the State Superintendent race.

(click to view larger)

Cox obliterated Deskin in this runoff. I had to add an additional color to add intensity to this particular map. In Adair County, Cox took 90.3% of the vote -- his highest county, and one of the highest percentages I've seen in my map-making "career". For comparison, here is the primary election map. Deskin led in 17 counties in the primary, but only won three in the runoff.

This race will hold the Democrats' best chance of victory in November. Joy Hofmeister, the Republican nominee, may have her hands full with John Cox.


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