Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Runoff election: winners and losers

Here are the results from the state and federal runoff races that took place today. Winners are in bold, percentages are from tonight's results, and candidates are listed in order of how they finished in the primary. At a later point, I hope to do some maps on the Democrats' two statewide runoff races.


U.S. House District 5: Steve Russell (59.3%) vs. Patrice Douglas (40.7%)
State Senate District 22: Stephanie Bice (53.1%) vs. Mark Thomas (46.9%)
State Senate District 40: Ervin Yen (65.2%) vs. Steve Kern (34.8%)
State House District 29: James Leewright (51.9%) vs. Dani Thompson-Fields (48.1%)
State House District 38: John Pfeiffer (63.4%) vs. Harold LeValley (36.6%)
State House District 43: John Paul Jordan (68.9%) vs. Jonathan Clour (31.1%)
State House District 61: Casey Murdock (59.5%) vs. Kenny Bob Tapp (40.5%)
State House District 65: Scott Hayes (46.3%) vs. Scooter Park (53.7%)
State House District 69: Melissa Abdo (47.7%) vs. Chuck Strohm (52.3%)
Tulsa County DA: Steve Kunzweiler (55.8%) vs. Fred Jordan (44.2%)


State Superintendent: John Cox (62.9%) vs. Freda Deskin (37.1%)
U.S. Senate (unexpired term): Connie Johnson (58.0%) vs. Jim Rogers (42.0%)
U.S. House District 5: Tom Guild (45.8%) vs. Al McAffrey (54.2%)
State Senate District 8: Selina Jayne-Dornan (59.4%) vs. Gary Clason (40.6%)
State House District 88: Jason Dunnington (50.6%) vs. Paula Sophia (49.4%)
State House District 89: Mary Sosa (39.3%) vs. Shane Stone (60.7%)
State House District 99: George Young (59.3%) vs. Eleanor Darden Thompson (40.7%)
Muskogee County DA: Orvil Loge (53.2%) vs. Larry Moore (46.8%)


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