Friday, March 23, 2012

OKGOP: ObamaCare Two Years Later

The OKGOP delivered a cake to Oklahoma Democratic Party headquarters to celebrate the momentous occasion.

ObamaCare Two Years Later 

Oklahoma City -- Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell today released the following statement on the second anniversary of ObamaCare:

"Two years ago today, President Obama signed his massive government takeover of health care into law.

"Despite the president’s promises, ObamaCare has left Oklahomans undeniably worse off.  Health care costs will continue to skyrocket into the foreseeable future, and Americans have less freedom to make their own health care decisions.

"Under ObamaCare, Oklahoma families will pay more for health care, and taxpayers will foot the bill for increased government spending.  Unaccountable government bureaucrats will make decisions once left to patients and their doctors.  Millions could lose the insurance they receive from their employers, even though President Obama promised that would never happen.

"We cannot afford ObamaCare.  Its mandates and regulations are bad for small business and economically destructive.  Oklahomans needs market-based solutions to rising health care costs, not a budget-busting one-size-fits-all Big Government law.

"Because of these failures, Democrats across Oklahoma are ignoring Obamacare instead of proudly campaigning on the Obama Administrations top legislative achievement. President Obama himself is pretending the anniversary is not happening today. So we’re going to make sure voters remember that during a recession the Democrats decided to pass a bill that has increased the debt, hurt small businesses, and made health care more expensive for families."


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