Friday, March 23, 2012

Faught Comments on ObamaCare Anniversary

George Faught, Republican candidate for Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District, commented today on the anniversary of the signing into law of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also called 'ObamaCare').

"Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the signing of ObamaCare -- one of the biggest intrusions into personal liberty ever perpetrated by the federal government."

"This job-killing mandate for socialized medicine strikes at the very heart of our freedoms, by stripping healthcare choice from individual citizens and giving it to government bureaucrats. ObamaCare will change the face of this nation forever. It takes away individual liberty, it is too expensive, it gives government too much power, and it is unconstitutional. It must be repealed as soon as possible."

"I successfully fought to stop the first wave of ObamaCare implementation in Oklahoma, and as the next Congressman from Oklahoma's 2nd District, I will fight to repeal ObamaCare and other unconstitutional programs, and work to allow free-market choices to flourish."


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