Monday, March 19, 2012

Obama debt passes Bush debt in 40% of the time

It's official: President Obama has now added more debt in his 38-months in the White House than President Bush did in 8 years.

Steve Eggleston of
The $4,937,931,842,854.91 in new total debt added under Obama’s watch, in a mere 1,150 days, is more than the $4,899,100,310,608.44 in new total debt added under Bush’s watch in 2,922 days.

That's a lot of "change"...


  1. But all of Obama's debt is Bush's fault, remember? That money had to be spent to save us. Because government knows best.

  2. How much is that per day?

    Is that including his vacations? How much do they spend on their "vacations"? How do they have time to weed the garden when they are always gone? Seems like they found a real money tree. And my parents told me that money doesn't grow on trees. Funny isn't it? Our parents never thought of using other people's money to go on vacation.

    Man, have things changed? Speaking of HOPE and CHANGE, are they HOPING we will all die from their CHANGES? Seems so to me.

  3. Doesn't excuse how much debt we Republicans let government run up on our watch.


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