Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Obama denied unanimous renomination by Oklahoma Democrats

Randall Terry 

The Obama re-election train was on track to snag every delegate in the Democrat primary, thus meaning a unanimous renomination. However, Oklahoma Democrats derailed that scenario, by voting in large enough numbers to give pro-life activist Randall Terry and Oklahoma native Jim Rogers delegates.

I ran some quick figures and looked into the Oklahoma Democrat Party's delegate allocation rules, and as best as I can figure, Obama will get 32 delegates, Terry will have 10, and Rogers will take 3. Of course, until the ODP officially announces the total, that's just an educated guess, but it should be in the ballpark.

Terry broke the 15% boundary statewide, and should get about 5 delegates statewide, to Obama's 11. Obama took all of the delegates in the 1st and 5th Congressional Districts (6 each), and 3 from each of the other congressional districts (for a total of 21 from congressional districts).

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers will get one delegate each from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th congressional districts, while Randall Terry will take 2, 1, and 2 delegates, respectively. Rogers is a perennial candidate, and was the 2010 Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate.

Including the Super Tuesday elections, Barack Obama has received 83.2% of all votes cast in the Democratic primaries and caucuses. The four other Democrats on the ballot in Oklahoma now become the top four vote-getters after Obama (Terry is 3rd, Rogers is 5th, Richardson is 6th, and Ely is 7th; "Uncommitted" is 2nd and "No Preference" is 4th).

Ironically, Republican candidate Ron Paul (0.34%) is the 8th highest candidate in the Democrat primary, and fellow GOP hopeful Mitt Romney (0.27%) is 9th. You can view a complete list of the Democrat primary vote-getters here.


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