Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perry Wins Oklahoma State Fair Straw Poll

The Oklahoma County Republican Party conducted a straw poll at the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City. Rick Perry won the GOP primary portion of the poll, in which nearly two thousand ballots were cast over a ten-day period.

Whom do you expect to vote for in the Republican Presidential Primary?
Oklahoma County GOP straw poll; 1,947 votes, Sept. 15th-25th

Rick Perry - 39%
Ron Paul - 19%
Mitt Romney - 14%
Herman Cain - 11%
Michele Bachmann - 7%
Newt Gingrich - 5%
Jon Huntsman - 2%
Rick Santorum - 2%

You can the rest of the results (six questions in all) here.


  1. WHAT?????

    Bobbie McAuliffe

  2. My requirement is which candidate won't try to raise taxes on us any more. If I can bring this home for a sec, I'm particularly outraged by OK Repubs at the moment. Just read that the OK COrporation Commission is going to pass a new $47 million tax on all of us who use either cell phones or land lines (All of us) in SECRET this Tuesday. These are all elected Republicans--what happened to the pledge not to raise taxes any more. They shouldn't be able to get away with this.

    Does it really matter who's President if we can't even trust state and local elected officials????

  3. James, can you provide more information about this? I have tried to find references to it online and came up empty.


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