Monday, March 15, 2010

The Blogging Brief

  • Travis Gearhart at has penned a good article about Open Carry, which is particularly relevant given recent legislation in the Oklahoma Legislature regarding the aforementioned subject.
  • SoonerPoll surveyed the 5th Congressional District race during the past two weeks (February 25th through March 10th... seems to me like a very long poll timetable). Kevin Calvey came in first, with 19.9%, Mike Thompson had 8.6%, and James Lankford got 7%; 62.6% were undecided. I met Lankford here in Muskogee this weekend, and found him to be a very appealing candidate. Since it appears unlikely for any candidate to receive 50%+1, this race will go to a runoff. If Lankford can make the runoff, he could very well enter as the frontrunner, as he seems well-set to draw either Thompson's voters or Calvey's supporters, depending on whoever else is in the runoff.
  • This past week was very contentious in the Oklahoma Legislature. Tempers flared over texting-while-driving bans, open carry legislation, and the moving of President Obama's portrait.
  • House Democrats are apparently considering using the "Slaughter Solution" to pass ObamaCare without actually voting on the bill. Larry Jackson has more information here.
  • The Texas State Board of Education has recommended new changes to state curriculum, specifically as it relates to social studies. Here's a very biased AP article on the issue, complete with historical errors, such as referring to John Calvin (one of the great Reformers of the 16th Century) as a "Puritan theologian". Calvin preceded the Puritan movement, although his teachings did influence aspects of it.


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