Monday, March 22, 2010

Pruitt Statement on Healthcare Vote

Scott Pruitt, who recently jumped into the race for Attorney General, issued the following statement today regarding the healthcare bill which passed the House yesterday:
"The passage of this healthcare legislation in Washington fundamentally alters the relationship of citizen to government in America. Rather than government serving the citizen, it seeks to become master, controlling and dictating and utilizing power it does not possess.

Our founding documents are legal documents, not suggestions. They exist to control the impulses of men, and counteract the temptation toward tyranny; where elected individuals think they know better than the people they serve, that they are somehow more enlightened. The Founders defeated a monarchy that believed such things. We must in our generation now do the same.

If I am elected Oklahoma's next Attorney General I will, on behalf of Oklahomans, initiate a constitutional challenge to the legislation in its entirety, with a goal of rendering the legislation null and void in the State of Oklahoma."
Pruitt joins fellow Republican candidate Ryan Leonard in calling for a constitutional challenge of ObamaCare.