Monday, March 01, 2010

McIntosh County Sheriff Resigns

In an ongoing saga, the latest McIntosh County Sheriff has resigned from office.

Sheriff Joe Hogan was being investigated by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, at the request of the local District Attorney's office. There were allegations that his wife, Jeanie, a convicted felon, may have illegally carried a firearm and worn a badge and uniform. Hogan married her in October. There were also questions about a reserve deputy, 'Manny' Day, who moved from Las Vegas with Hogan's wife Jeanie, and lives with the couple. Day was ticketed in February for driving with suspended Nevada drivers license.

Hogan had been appointed by the board of McIntosh County Commissioners in June of 2009 to replace then Sheriff Terry Jones and Undersheriff Mykol Brookshire, who went to prison for pocketing cash taken in a traffic stop in May of 2009.

There's some typical 'Little Dixie' corruption for you, folks.

The office of sheriff will not be filled until the next election - filing is this June. Undersheriff Mike Daniels will operate the office until then.


  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I can see the potential for a made for TV, miniseries here! I am not for sure whether this is good for the citizens of the county that desire honest and efficient law enforcement. But, if we cannot have this. Then good entertainment is not such a bad alternative.

  2. Sheriff Jones and undersheriff Brookshire were bigger crooks than the ones they were catching on the highway! I also believe that that whole county was in one what they were doing and that is including the judge! Everyone there know what was going fact we were told by many people in that small town from people in a restraunt to defense attorneys that what they call this crime in their town is "driving black or hispancic". They stated the the sheriff and undersheriff would find "a reason to stop" them and "a reason to search their cars"! They would then either take their money if they could not find anything else or if they found anything else they would arrest them and still take a portion of their cash!!

    I guess the only one in that county that did not know what was going on was the judge and the DA involved!! Everyone in that county in the whole law enforcement and judical system should be in prison with them!!


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