Tuesday, February 02, 2010

MP Poll: We Like Coburn

I posted a poll regarding Sen. Tom Coburn a week and a half ago, and let it run for a week. The result was a resounding "We Like Coburn".

The question of the poll was "Should Sen. Tom Coburn draw a GOP primary opponent". I had options for 'Yes', 'No', 'Undecided', 'He should run for President' (for those rabid Coburn fans out there), and 'He should get out of politics' (for those rabid Coburn opponents out there). Here are the final results:

Yes: 3 (8%)
No: 24 (66%)
Undecided: 0 (0%)
He should run for President: 8 (22%)
He should get out of politics: 1 (2%)

As I said, the results (non-scientific, of course) show that people really like Tom Coburn.