Monday, February 22, 2010

Help Poll the 2nd District - PPP Polling

Public Policy Polling, a national political polling firm, holds regular online polls to determine where some of their next polls will take place. Seeing the lack of polling in the Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District, I have tried for weeks to convince them to poll the 2nd District race (Dan Boren's seat).

Three weeks ago, they included OK-2 in the poll. We came in a tight third, in a very hard-fought race.

Today, the 2nd District made it on as an option again.

We need your help to get this race polled, though. If OK-2 comes in first, it will be polled. If it comes in second, it will only be polled if the first-place is not a U.S. House race (i.e a gubernatorial race).

If you would like to see this race polled, go to the following link and vote for the "OK-2 (Dan Boren)" poll option. Vote here.


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