Friday, February 26, 2010

Brogdon Supporter Beats Fallin to Domain

Ordinarily, when a candidate runs for office, they buy a domain name based on their own name. For example, they may buy or

Another option is to get a website with their name and office, such as, or

A smart candidate, especially when running for a major office, buys multiple domains. They buy all of the above examples - anything someone might type in as a logical URL for their race. In addition, not only do they buy those domains, but they buy them before they officially announce.

One would assume that a gubernatorial candidate would make sure to do this, especially if they had already been in another office for several years.

Apparently, Mary Fallin (or her campaign managers) did not think to buy Someone with a head for politics, and a different candidate, thought about it first. is now a pro-Randy Brogdon site. The domain was purchased two weeks after Fallin announced her candidacy for Governor. The page now urges Oklahomans to "Vote Conservative. Vote Brogdon."

I actually know the person who capitalized on the Fallin campaign's slip-up, and they were elated at the opportunity presented. Since they weren't going to use the domain for negative attacks on Fallin (such as other sleazy sites I have seen, most likely Democrat-backed), they decided to use it as a positive Brogdon site.

This is a vital lesson for all candidates, but especially those running for such a high-profile office. Make sure that you get your domains before the opposition does! Fallin lost a big opportunity here that could now hurt her.


  1. This is hilarious! Serves that big government phony, Mrs. Christensen right.

  2. Wow, it's hard to believe her campaign manager let that one slip past them. In this fast paced world of politics, a candidate really has to stay on top of it.


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