Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Tea Parties

December 16th will be the 236th anniversary of the ‘Boston Tea Party’ – that famous assembly of American patriots who threw hundreds of tons of British tea into the waters of Boston Harbor to protest unjust taxation and oppressive government. The same fiery spirit that led those Americans to refuse to bow to British pressure prompted them to begin the struggle for independence just two short years later. After over two and a quarter centuries, we still benefit from the foundation laid by our Founder’s sacrifices.

When the Sons of Liberty stepped foot on those three ships loaded with tea, they knew they would be angering a colossal government. Rather than passively submit to tyranny, they stood up and made their voices heard.

In response to their experiences with monarchial government, those patriots who were our nation’s Founders set up a Constitutional Republic, limited in size and scope, to preserve the liberties we all hold dear. Since that time, however, we have begun to drift from the moorings of our founding documents, and have allowed the federal government to grow into a monster the Founders would never have recognized.

Today, we constantly hear of some new scheme the politicians in Washington are cooking up. From amnesty for illegal immigrants, pork projects, government-run health care and disastrous “cap-and-trade” proposals that will destroy our economy and way-of-life, Congress and the White House continues to ignore the will of We The People.

For decades, the American people have watched as career politicians and those who do not possess our nation’s best interests at heart have used the government to benefit themselves, at the expense of the citizens.

No longer.

With the onset of the Tea Party movement in February of this year, the American people have awakened to see the destruction that has been, and is being, wrought on our country. We are standing up and saying ‘enough is enough!’ We will not stand idly by as yet-unborn generations are loaded with crushing debt and the Constitution is trampled on.

Millions have gathered across the nation in the past ten months to make their voices heard. Here in Muskogee, over 850 concerned citizens have come out for three separate ‘Tea Parties’ since April 15th. Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike have voiced both their opposition to harmful government policies, and their favor for ideas such as the FairTax, balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility and congressional term limits.

On December 16th, more Muskogee-area patriots will be gathering for another Tea Party, from noon to 1:30pm at the Muskogee Civic Center (Room C). Now is the time for American citizens to stand up and speak out. Whether your issue is federal or local, unless you join in the fight nothing will change. Remember – you truly can make a difference.

The political status quo must be changed, if we want to pass on an America as great as the one we received from our Founding Fathers.

Get involved. Connect with like-minded citizens from all over this part of the state. Come to the Muskogee Civic Center from noon to 1:30pm on Wednesday, December 16th. Come and make your voice heard!

Jamison Faught is the organizer of the Muskogee-area Tea Party movement. He is local conservative political activist and blogger. You can read his blog at

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  1. GREAT column Jamison! Too bad the Muskogee Phoenix gutted it and ran it as a Letter to the Editor! Guess "Other News from Around the State" was more important to them than this LOCAL groundswell of patriots who are battling for the future of our country. Who in Muskogee really cares what the Ada or Enid papers write about??


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