Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Conservative View: Modern Day Carpetbaggers

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner Russell Turner (R-Stilwell).
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

Modern Day Carpetbaggers

Christmas has come and gone for 2009, while most of us will have fond memories of the time that we spent with our friends and families. One supposed gift that I am sure that all Americans will never forget is the gift that 60 United States Senators gave us earlier this week by advancing the health care bill (HR 3590). Those of us that cherish that liberty have huge concerns about allowing our government to have more control over the lives of each and every American. While some believe that we will have free healthcare, I have found that having blind faith in any idea or person will usually result in disappointment.

I come from the small business sector; with that experience I want to share some of my concerns about the consequences that we are likely to experience. We all like to go to a restaurant and eat a good meal, but I have observed that the cost of eating out is rising. The people that own and operate restaurants must make a profit; they must balance the cost to do business to the price that they can charge for their product. There is an old saying that says, “You can only charge what the traffic will bear”. Forcing business owners to provide insurance for all of their employees will result in many of them laying off some of their employees and scaling back their business in order to stay competitive. Now the very people that thought that they were getting healthcare for free could find themselves hunting for another job in an ever increasing jobless market.

Our country was founded upon the premise of equality for all citizens and the rule of law. It was appalling to see all of the deals made to certain senators in order to (for the lack of a better phrase) bribe them to support the bill. While some states will benefit from all of the sweetheart deals, others will be paying the bills. Our senators should be working to defend our liberty and freedom and to treat all citizens equal and fair. In my opinion, the leadership of the Senate is the equivalent of the carpetbaggers of the civil war era. In any conflict there are people not afraid to stand up and be heard, one such man is Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma. It is refreshing to hear from a person that believes in a limited responsive government, not one resembling a carpetbagger.
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