Tuesday, October 06, 2009

MoveOn.org Seeks to Hold Coburn Protests

In an email sent this afternoon, MoveOn.org announced plans to stage "Whose Side Are You On?" rallies in front of Sen. Tom Coburn's Oklahoma offices. The email asked MoveOn members to host the rallies, to be held on October 14th. Coburn has been specifically targeted due to his outspokeness against nationalized/socialized health care.

The email stated that "The public option has strong momentum
[ed. note: only in their minds...]. Four of five congressional committees have included a public option in their legislation, and a strong bloc of progressives in Congress says they will only support a bill with a public option."

It also said that "we've still got an uphill fight to win this one in the Senate—Big Insurance is spending millions to defeat real [ha!] reform, and conservative Democrats and Republicans are scuttling reform at every turn [you betcha!]."

Conservative activists are looking at ways to counter-act MoveOn.org's protests. MoveOn was not successful in disrupting Coburn's recent town hall meetings, and when they held a sign-waving event in Tulsa were greatly outnumbered by conservative activist and tea partiers.

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  1. I find it very odd that they continually say that the public option has a lot of support. I haven't seen that, either in Congress or in the public opinion.

    As for them taking on Dr. Coburn, I wish them luck. Given his stubborn streak and great popularity in our state, they don't stand a chance. I hope he wipes the floor with them.


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