Friday, October 16, 2009

Edmonds: I'm the GOP Front-Runner

Daniel Edmonds, GOP candidate for the 2nd District, issued the following press release this morning.
Edmonds Becomes GOP's front-runner in District 2

Morris, OK – Recent trends for Oklahoma’s U.S. Congressional District 2 seat show candidate Daniel Edmonds leading the way. Reports for the 2009 third quarter have been submitted to the Federal Elections Commission, with three GOP candidates filing. Of the three candidates, Edmonds campaign is the newest, yet is raising money faster than the others. When comparing the number of days since each candidate filed with the FEC to the end of the filing period on September 30, versus the amount of funds raised, Edmonds is raising more dollars per day.

“I’m excited that the Edmonds 2 Congress campaign is earning more on a per day basis than the other campaigns in this GOP primary…we’re raising funds at a faster rate”, Edmonds said. “Our message of liberty, limited government, respect for the Constitution, respect for life, and personal responsibility resonates with individuals who care about our country, our heritage, and our legacy. We continue to raise funds and ask individuals to make an investment in this campaign and in the future of our State and Nation.”

To view FEC reports, visit To learn more about Daniel Edmonds and his current campaign for Oklahoma’s U.S. Congressional District 2 Seat, visit
Edmonds officially filed his Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission on August 8th. His two other official opponents, Dan Arnett and Howard Houchen, filed on May 11th and May 26th, respectively. Charles Thompson has not yet officially filed.

I asked for, and received, the following responses from the other candidates.

Dan Arnett - "Although fund raising is important, there is still a year before the election and anything can and will happen. The Arnett campaign has been very busy. For those that were excited when I announced and hosted four town halls, forcing Boren to return to the District and do what he was elected to do in August, get ready because the best is yet to come. I am in this for the long haul, I am in this for you."

Howard Houchen disputed the claim. "I don't see how the math works out. It's hard to see how he [Edmonds] sees himself as the frontrunner. I find it 'thought-provoking', let's put it that way." He also pointed out that he has raised substantially more money than Edmonds. "I've raised over $13000 from individuals, compared to Edmonds' $1900."

I will be releasing my first ranking of the candidates soon, hopefully tomorrow.


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