Monday, October 12, 2009

For those of you who haven't heard, there's a great new website to check for news: It's very similar to the Drudge Report, but with a distinct twist - each state has its own news page, with relevant material for each state.

However, NewsFifty isn't run by RSS feeds; a nationwide staff runs the site, directed by fellow Oklahoman Sid Burgess. has one national homepage that features important headlines and breaking news from across the country. Through an interactive map, visitors can quickly and easily access 50 separate state pages dedicated to all the headlines from each state. In addition, the most popular newspapers, magazines, blogs, television and radio stations and other helpful sources are listed on each state's page.
I highly recommend utilizing this great new resource - I find myself visiting NewsFifty, and the Oklahoma page in particularly, many times a day now. Not only does NewsFifty cover national and state news, but local news is always on the state page. Several Muskogee/Ft. Gibson-area stories have been featured.

This is a great tool - be sure and add to your bookmarks!

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