Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm the 'Preppie Son'

According to Larry Parsons of Warner, I'm "preppie".

The aforementioned liberal letter writer had a letter-to-the-editor on Friday. Parsons railed against conservatives, and then turned to discuss State Rep. George Faught and me.

He said, "Recently, state Rep. George Faught, who never met an insurance company he wouldn’t suck up to, and his preppie son wrote tearful op-ed pieces basically asking for right-wing nuts to stand up." (Rep. Faught had a column in the Phoenix and I had a letter-to-the-editor on July 3rd)

First of all, the standby accusation from the Democrats when it comes to Rep. Faught is that he's "in the pocket of Big Insurance" (just like his "pal", the other George: George W. Bush).

As for me, well, if 'preppie' is the worst he can call me, I'll take it as a badge of honor. Not that I'm 'preppie' or anything... I have no idea where he pulled that from...

EDIT: An interesting note on Rep. Faught being "in the pocket of Big Insurance" - during his last campaign, I believe less than 5% of his campaign contributions were from insurance PACs or those employed in the insurance field. Nothing like the Democrats, whose candidates are commonly funded 75% or more by lawyers and unions.