Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coburn Town Hall Update

Here's a quick update on the Coburn Town Hall meeting in Muskogee.

Over 600 people were present, including representatives from all the Tulsa television media. The crowd was very friendly and pro-Coburn, at several times calling for Coburn to run for president. At the conclusion of the meeting, some people started to chant "Six more years!", referring to another senate term for Coburn, who has pledged to run for only one more term.

Nearly all of the questions were regarding the health care bills in Congress. Coburn said that he has read the health care bill, and "there's not a thimbleful of common sense in it."

I highly recommend attending his town hall meetings. Click here for more information on where his other town halls will be held.

UPDATE: Here are two pictures from the town hall.

Coburn had to speak from the balcony.

The huge crowd. This does not include those who were above or behind Senator Coburn.