Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Activist: Boren Must Hold Town Halls

The following is a letter from Bobbie McAuliffe, a grassroots activist from Poteau.
The U.S. House of Representatives schedule says the period from August 3 to September 4 of this year is the Summer District Work Period for our Congresspeople.

This is the time when interested people in the legislative districts look forward to face to face meetings with those elected to serve us.

Many of us who have attempted to find out when our chosen one will be in our area during the recess have been told he will not be holding town hall meetings this year. My question of “Why not?” has not been answered.

Dan Boren should be reminded who he works for and that we deserve a progress report from him.

It is not unreasonable for us to expect him to hold 2 meetings a week in the district during this period, is it?

If you agree with me please do not just nod your head in agreement and say something like “I am glad you are doing this.” I am one voice. It will take many voices to turn his elitist thinking around and schedule some open meetings.

Probably the best way for us to get a message to him would be through one of his offices in the district. McAlester office: (918) 423-5951, Muskogee office: (918) 687-2533, Claremore office: (918) 341-9336, Durant office: (580) 931-0333

Bobbie McAuliffe

I agree; Boren needs to grow a backbone, and face his constituents. He should be representing their interests anyway. By not holding town hall meetings in his district during the August recess, he is practically admitting that he only cares about the people around election time.

On a side note, if any of my readers want to submit a letter or article, I would be happy to consider posting it. If any candidates or local party organizations have an event, I would also be more than happy to help publicize the event.


  1. He does appear to not know who we are unless it is near voting time. I wonder what would get his attention, maybe voting him out of office?

  2. It's obvious he has seen what has happened at various town hall meetings and does not have the backbone to face the heat. Look at his voting record and you will understand why he doesn't want to hear from us.

    Guess he forgot who sent him to Washington. The next election will be a good time to get him out of politics so he can try to get a real job.


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