Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Mr. President...

Dear Mr. President,

First of all, let me start of by congratulating you on your victory last November. Even until that last day, I thought that your opponent, John McCain, would pull it out. You proved me wrong.

Having said that, I did not vote for you, and if given the opportunity again, would still not vote for you. In fact, I would work even harder to defeat you. Your policies and beliefs are so counter to those of mine, and I might add, most Americans, that I would have no alternative than to oppose you with all of my strength.

Now, to get to the point of this missive.

I have one simple request of you. Could you please produce your original birth certificate?

Before you throw this in the trash, let me say that I never have really believed the theory that you don't have a birth certificate, and are an illegal alien born in Kenya or Indonesia. I've always thought that there was a logical reason - perhaps you just didn't feel obligated to pay attention to the tabloids and conspiracists, which I can understand.

However, your lack of cooperation has fueled the fires of rumor and gossip. Just one day this past week, I talked to four different people within fifteen minutes who stated that you are an illegal immigrant with no birth certificate.

Frankly, it's annoying, and I am tired of it all. Please, would you just put all of these rumors to rest, and show the world your original Hawaiian birth certificate?

That is, unless you...

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  1. I honestly do not know what to think about the birth certificate issue, but I highly doubt he will produce such a document. I wonder sometimes if he doesn't believe he is above all of this and is refusing to even acknowledge the fact that some American citizens have legitimate questions about his eligibility for the White House.


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