Saturday, July 11, 2009

Attend the July 13th City Council Meeting!

If you are a Muskogee resident, this post is for you!

At the July 13th Muskogee City Council meeting (that's this Monday), Mayor John Tyler Hammons will be bringing forward two vital changes to the city charter: ward voting and term limits.

Regardless of your position, it is very important that you attend this meeting to make your voice heard. The city council depends on input from their constituency - but how can they know what you want if they never hear from you?

On Ward Voting

Since the city charter was passed in the 1970's, Muskogee has been divided into four wards, with two city councilors per ward. Wards 1 and 2 comprise 60% of the population; the wards are not equal in population or size. Also, candidates for city council run city-wide, not just in their ward. They can win the election, while losing in their own ward.

Mayor Hammons' proposal is to create eight wards, of equal size/population, and require the candidates for council to win their ward (they would only be on the ballot in the ward they are running for).

I fully endorse this proposal. Please come with me to support the mayor on Monday.

On Term Limits

Currently, there are no term limits for city offices. One councilman, Robert Perkins, has been on the council for over fourteen years.

The mayor's proposed charter change would set an eight year term limit for both the mayoral and city council seats. Any combination of the two offices could be served, as long as it did not equal more than eight years. This would not apply retroactively.

I also support this proposal.

Be sure and come to the City Council meeting this Monday (July 13th), at 7pm in the City Council chambers (3rd floor of City Hall downtown). Make your voice heard!


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