Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bryan County GOP Action Alert - ObamaCare

Here's an important email from the Bryan County Republican Party regarding ObamaCare:

Good Morning Everyone:

As many of you know, Obama's Health Care "Reform" Bill was introduced in the House yesterday. Obama has spoken on this issue multiple times stating explicitly that if you have your own insurance, you will be able to keep it, and that the gov't won't force people to go onto the government plan.

However, today's Editorial Headline in the Investor's Business Daily based on reading the over 1,000 page bill, states that on page 16 of the bill, in actuality, from the day the bill is signed into law, insurance companies will no longer be able to issue new policies. So, you can keep your insurance, but you can't change it and once you lose it (you leave your company or if your insurance company goes out of business since they can't issue new policies) you then MUST go onto the government plan as that will be the only remaining option.

Please read the Investor's Business Daily article here: to come to your own conclusions.

If the news concerns you, we are asking that please call each and every one of Dan Boren's offices in Oklahoma and DC on Friday, July 17, between the hours of 9am-4pm to voice your concerns based on what you read yourself in the article and news- the phone numbers are listed below.

We have heard of an effort mobilizing across OK to be picketing Boren's offices in Muskogee , McAlester, and Claremore so it will be very helpful for us to call across the state to let his other offices as well know that not only are the people outside his office upset, but additional people are taking action by calling as well. We will not demonstrate outside his Durant office, but we can make a big statement just by taking a five minute break to make our voices heard by phone calls.

We simply need to voice our concerns that Mr. Boren not only needs to vote against this bill, but needs to take an active stand - speeches and interviews to media and working to sign on other Democrats to vote against this bill so it does not pass the House - to defend the people of Oklahoma against this power grab by the government.

Here are the Boren office phone numbers:

Durant: 580-931-0333
: 918-423-5951
Claremore: 918-341-9336

Muskogee: 918-687-2533

DC: 202-225-2701

Thank you everyone for being willing to take the time to learn the facts and speak up for our freedom!

It is vital that we stop Obama's health care "reform". The stakes are too high.


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