Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dan Arnett Announces Run Against Dan Boren

In an exclusive interview with the OU Daily, Okmulgee Henryetta Republican Dan Arnett announced his intention to run against Second District Congressman Dan Boren.
Dan Arnett challenges Congressman Dan Boren

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Republican Dan Arnett announced Wednesday he will run against U.S. Rep. Dan Boren in the 2010 elections for Oklahoma’s second district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Arnett, a law student and legal intern for Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, announced his intention to run exclusively with The Daily.

“I’m a firm believer that if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself,” Arnett said.

He said Boren is more concerned with maintaining his position than making real change for the people in his district.

“He doesn’t want to rock the boat, and he doesn’t use his vote for real change,” Arnett said. “The most he’s done is author bills naming post offices and supporting resolutions that recognize special groups on holidays.”

He equated Boren’s alleged inaction to “taxation without representation”, and said Boren is a conservative because of convenience.

“He is conservative on two issues- [abortion] and the second amendment,” Arnett said. “On everything else, he aligns himself with President Obama.”

Arnett said his issues go beyond ideological disagreements.

“The most important issue will be the economy,” he said. “I also want to simplify the tax code, make social security benefits inheritable, give the President the power of a line-item veto and present measures that will make representatives more accountable.”

If elected Arnett will be 26-years-old when he takes office. He said his age gives him an opportunity to represent his generation.

“Younger generations are becoming more politically active,” he said. ”The median age for representatives is 50, and if I am elected, my generation will have another voice in Congress.”

Congressman Boren said he is busy doing the job Oklahomans elected him to do last November.

“It is still very early to be considering the next election cycle having recently come off the election in November,” Boren said. “I am certainly approaching my schedule as if I am running, including visiting all 25 counties in the second district by mid-summer.”

He said the economy and jobs will be his top focus this summer.

“I believe that since I have been in elected office for almost 8 years, most of my constituents and many Oklahomans know who I am and the type of service that I will render,” Boren said.

He said he does what is right for Oklahomans regardless of what is right for his party and President Obama.

“I support him when his policies are in line with Oklahoma’s values, and I oppose him when they are not,” Boren said. “I am an Oklahoma Democrat, and there is a big difference [between being a Democrat from Oklahoma and being a Democrat from another state].”

Congressman Boren is OU President David Boren’s son, and will announce his future political plans in December.

Arnett joins Hugo businessman Howard Houchen as the current announced GOP candidates against Boren. The Second District Republican Party will be holding a district-wide quarterly meeting on June 27th in Muskogee; the latest word is that at least six or seven candidates are lined for this meeting.

Arnett must be a newbie to politics - otherwise, he would have
announced his candidacy to a paper located in the Second District, in order to get the most publicity for his campaign.

Both Arnett and Houchen will be launching websites in the near future. Stay posted for updates.

UPDATE (6/14): I have been notified that Arnett did announce in the Henryetta Freelance newspaper on May 21st, several days before the OU Daily interview. See this post for the article, as well as another update.


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