Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Muskogee Voters Pass All Three Sales Tax Props

Muskogee voters passed all three sales tax hike propositions today.

With all 17 precincts in, Proposition 1 passed with 58.5%, Proposition 2 passed with 66.4%, and Proposition 3 passed with 53.3%.

Prop 1 was a 0.25% permanent sales tax, devoted to streets. Prop 2 was a 0.32% five-year sales tax, for the purpose of replacing sewer lines along Coody Creek, in compliance with an order from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Prop 3 was a 0.18% five-year sales tax for other capitol improvements, such as walking trails, improvements to Rotary Park, and a new firefighters training facility.

The current sales tax is now 9.15 cents on the dollar.