Saturday, November 01, 2008

Media Bias, Case No. 36,709

H/t to Race42008:

CBS News General Election

  • Barack Obama/Joe Biden 54% (52%)
  • John McCain/Sarah Palin 41% (41%)
  • Undecided 4% (5%)

Survey of 747 likely voters was conducted October 28-31. Party ID breakdown: 40.8% (D); 27.6% (R); 31.6% (I). Results from the poll conducted October 25-29 are in parentheses.

This is the most insane party ID sample I have ever seen. The media is so in the tank for Obama, they're using ridiculous voter samples. There is no way that there is a 23% difference between Republican and Democrat voters, and absolutely no way that Independents outnumber Republicans. For CBS to try to pass this off as a poll is simply laughable.

The pollsters only thought they got a bad reputation after 2004... they ain't seen nothin' yet!


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