Friday, November 28, 2008

Sense-less Letters to the Editor

Let us get more involved. Let us help you prevent war, poverty, disease and all the other problems that seem to plague us.There are some poor souls whose sole object in life is to write bafflingly ridiculous letters to newspapers, local or not. Here are two prime subjects who wrote to the Muskogee Phoenix in the past week.

Example One:
Give us all a break and an Internet page

Leaders of all nations, give us a break, all six billion of us.

Please set up a Web page on the Internet for your nation and on it talk about any issues that involve the advancement of civilization. Please include blogs for communicating and linking with viewers, YouTube for visual displays and RSS feeds to alert us by e-mail when new information is available.

We could then have a town hall meeting all day, every day, in every home and office on the planet. Each site will grow and soon all people who want to get involved will know what works and what does not work.

Then we simply flow chart the work to be done, and do it.

The payoff for all people is going to be a better life forever.

David R. Oliver - Oklahoma City

Example Two:

Disco, dancing proposal could help save world

Fort Gibson could help by building a “Green Dream Motel.” The builders of the dream green hospital that honors Muskogee, the state and our nation in striving to be the first LEED certified hospital in the country (It’s very sad about the drainage problem. Let’s help out).

“In the War against Nature, I am sorry to say, we are winning” is a favorite quote environmentalists repeat a lot because it is so true.

Fort Gibson could also put in a disco like those built in other places, so when people dance the vibrations on the floor generate electricity. Oklahoma, fortunately, has net metering, so with solar panels, electricity could be sold back to the electric company.

During times of disaster it might be the only structure people could go to. It could be a weight-loss center. If you danced enough and became happier and healthier, you could get free health care at the green hospital in case of emergency. We could advertise, begging people to come and dance with us as we save the world.

Jean McMahon - Fort Gibson

(McMahon is a local Green Party activist, whose area claim to fame comes from attending various public events dressed as a polar bear.)


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