Saturday, May 26, 2018

Incoming Senate Pro Tem Treat announces next floor leader, appropriations chair

Incoming Senate Pro Tem announces picks for next floor leader, appropriations chair

OKLAHOMA CITY - Senator Greg Treat, Majority Floor Leader and Republicans’ selection to serve as the next Senate leader, on Wednesday announced the senators who will round out his leadership team.

Treat said Senator Kim David, current Senate Appropriations Committee chair, will serve as the next Majority Floor Leader and that Senator Roger Thompson, current chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Finance, will serve as the next Appropriations Committee chair. David, the first woman to serve as Appropriations Committee chair, will be the first woman to serve as Majority Floor Leader.

“I’m grateful that my colleagues selected me to lead the Senate and I’m excited about the opportunity this new role presents,” said Treat, R-Oklahoma City. “I’m excited to announce that Senator David and Senator Thompson have accepted my offer to take up key leadership roles next year in the Senate. Both are hardworking, skilled and talented, and have a deep dedication to the state of Oklahoma and will work hard for the members of the Oklahoma Senate. Though the official transition will take place later this year, we’re already looking ahead to next session and how we can help the Senate GOP continue to make Oklahoma an even better state.”

In March, Senate Republicans named Treat as their pick to succeed Senator Mike Schulz as Senate President Pro Tempore. The official transition from Pro Tem Schulz to Senator Treat will take place in November. The Pro Tem selects the senators who serve as Majority Floor Leader, Appropriations Committee chair, and other committee chairs, which will be announced at a later date.

“I appreciate Senator Treat for asking me to join his leadership team. The floor leader has a lot of responsibility to manage the flow of work and activity in the Senate. Senator Treat did a great job in this role, and I look forward to building upon his success to ensure the Senate continues to operate in a professional and orderly manner,” said David, R-Porter.

Senator Thompson, R-Okemah, said, “I want to thank Senator Treat for this honor and for the opportunity to serve the state and the Senate in an important role. Senator David has done a tremendous job as Appropriations chair during a difficult time. I look to build upon her efforts to inject more transparency into the budgeting process. Senate Republicans will keep our focus on making sure Oklahomans’ tax dollars are used wisely and efficiently.”

Friday, May 25, 2018

Richardson touts new poll, tied with Cornett in 3rd


May 25, 2018 --  A new poll released today shows conservative GOP Candidate for Governor, Gary Richardson, is well-positioned to make the primary runoff.  The poll shows Richardson tied for third place and within the margin of error for second place.

    “The methodology for this poll is much more reliable and scientific than some others that have come out recently,” Gary Richardson says. “We have been campaigning nonstop across Oklahoma and voters are clearly responding to my position on implementing mandatory statewide audits and cracking down on illegal immigrants who drain state resources.

     The poll (attached below) was conducted on May 22 & 23 among 500 likely Republican primary voters.  The margin of error is +/- 4.4%.

- Todd Lamb 20%
- Kevin Stitt 17%
- Gary Richardson 13%
- Mick Cornett 13%
- Dan Fisher 4%
- Gary Jones 3% 
- Undecided 30%

    “With so many candidates in this primary race, the dynamics are constantly changing,” says Richardson.  “The runoff is still anybody’s game and I have no doubts that I will be on the ballot for Governor in August and November.  Momentum wins elections and we are making significant strides every day.“

Keating, Rainbolt respond to attacks on Attorney General Hunter


OKLAHOMA CITY - The following statements were released by former Governor Frank Keating, former President and CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers as well as President and CEO of the American Bankers Association, and David Rainbolt, Executive Chairman of BancFirst Corp., in response to the false accusations of political contributions to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

"Mike Hunter's service with me in D.C. was vital to helping rein in burdensome regulations on the important banking and life insurance industries, including the dozens of Oklahoma employers in these industries.  For anyone to insinuate Mike Hunter's time fighting against Obama-era regulations and legislation like Dodd-Frank is in someway ignoble is misguided and an unfair misrepresentation.  Mike Hunter has always been a stalwart conservative who has supported conservative causes and conservative candidates.  I know firsthand of Mike’s roles in D.C., and while he had compliance duties with national PACs, those contributions were determined by the CEOs of the banks and insurance company members, not by Mike Hunter.  Oklahoma is fortunate to have Mike Hunter as Attorney General and I encourage my fellow Republicans to ignore the political attacks and elect him to a full-term," said former Governor Frank Keating, former President and CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers as well as President and CEO of the American Bankers Association.

"Mike Hunter and Governor Keating revitalized the American Bankers Association and renewed its commitment to banks large and small. Under their leadership, the ABA became an organization that was responsive to the needs of Oklahoma banks and to its Oklahoma customers.  In the years Mike Hunter was in Washington, he fought to create jobs and reduce the role of government in the lives of individual Oklahomans.  Mike Hunter and Governor Keating were advocating for main street Oklahoma. Mike Hunter is exactly the professional we need in the Attorney General’s office to protect the rights of the citizens of Oklahoma," said David Rainbolt, Executive Chairman of BancFirst Corp.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

'Yes on 793' turns in 255k signatures for eye care referendum

Greater Access And More Affordable, Quality Vision Care Now One Step Closer For Oklahoma Patients

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (MAY 24) — Yes on 793 delivered 255,018 signatures to the Oklahoma Secretary of State today in support of adding State Question 793 to the November ballot, which will give Oklahoma patients the power to modernize state optical laws and expand their eye care options.

“We are simply overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response,” said Tim Tippit, Chairman of Yes on 793 and President and CFO of Edmond-based DaVinci Equity Group, a Top 50 U.S. optical retailer whose business model is prohibited in Oklahoma under current law. “With deep roots in Oklahoma, I am troubled by the fact my company is not allowed to bring accessible, affordable and quality eye care to our communities. In fact, patients in 47 other states have more choices for how they approach eye care for their families than we do in Oklahoma. Since the legislature will not act, it’s time to let the people modernize this archaic law.”

Current Oklahoma law prohibits optometrists from opening practices in “commercial” settings and further bars retailers from offering eye hardware unless it represents a majority of their sales.  SQ 793 will allow for greater convenience and affordability for patients by loosening these restrictions to allow consumers to fill their prescriptions at local retailers, while still keeping all health standards in place.

“The signature collection process showed us what we’ve always known to be true: Oklahomans want this choice,” stated Gwendolyn Caldwell, spokeswoman for Oklahomans for Consumer Freedom, which has advocated for modernizing state optical laws during the past year. “Not only did we exceed the number of signatures required, but we have done so with weeks to spare. To put this constitutional change on the ballot requires 123,725 signatures.  The Yes on 793 effort more than doubled that requirement.

“It’s time to bring our laws into the 21st century and give Oklahomans the same choices and convenience they can find online or across state borders,” said Caldwell, “We need to be promoting business in Oklahoma, not driving customers out of the state. Oklahomans are showing that they are tired of being denied the same rights as those in other states. We deserve the same convenience, the same affordability and the same choices. Saying Yes on 793 will make this happen.”

Given the timing of past petition turn-ins, the campaign anticipates that SQ 793 will be included on the November 2018 ballot.

About Yes on 793
Yes on 793 is a coalition of retailers, patients, health professionals and free-market advocates that believe in common sense reform to Oklahoma’s eye care laws. Patients in Oklahoma deserve greater access to vision care while opportunities increase for small businesses and communities.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

SoonerPoll on LtGov race: Murphy 7.2%, Pinnell 6.6%

Last night, numbers were released from a SoonerPoll survey conducted for KWTV (OKC's News9) and KOTV (Tulsa's News on 6) on the statewide primaries. Here are the GOP lieutenant governor's race numbers:

SoonerPoll/News9/News on 6 Oklahoma GOP LtGov Poll (PDF link
622 likely Oklahoma voters (321 Republicans), conducted in May [date not availavle]. Overall MoE +/- 3.93%. Numbers in parentheses are from April.

Dana Murphy - 7.2% (10.7%)
Matt Pinnell - 6.6% (5.3%)
Eddie Fields - 3.0% (2.1%)
Dominique Block - 0.9% (3.0%)
Undecided - 82.2% (78.8%)

You can view the full crosstabs here.

On the Democratic side of things, Anastasia Pittman got 12.3%, Ivan Holmes got 10.3%, and Anna Dearmore got 5.2%, while 72.3% were undecided.

Follow these links for the Gubernatorial and Attorney General numbers.

SoonerPoll on AG race: Drummond 26%, Hunter 9%

Last night, numbers were released from a SoonerPoll survey conducted for KWTV (OKC's News9) and KOTV (Tulsa's News on 6) on the attorney general race. Here are the GOP primary numbers:

SoonerPoll/News9/News on 6 Oklahoma GOP Attorney General Poll (PDF link
622 likely Oklahoma voters (321 Republicans), conducted in May [date not availavle]. Overall MoE +/- 3.93%. Numbers in parentheses are from April, brackets January, braces are from September.

Gentner Drummond - 25.9%
Mike Hunter - 9.4%
Angela Bonnila - 3.6%
Undecided - 61.2%

You can view the full crosstabs here.

Gubernatorial primary results are here; Lieutenant Governor are here.

SoonerPoll: Lamb 23.3%, Cornett 20.4%, Stitt 13.5%

Last night, numbers were released from a SoonerPoll survey conducted for KWTV (OKC's News9) and KOTV (Tulsa's News on 6) on the statewide primaries. Here are the GOP gubernatorial race numbers:

SoonerPoll/News9/News on 6 Oklahoma GOP Gubernatorial Poll (PDF link
622 likely Oklahoma voters (321 Republicans), conducted in May [date not availavle]. Overall MoE +/- 3.93%. Numbers in parentheses are from April, brackets January, braces are from September.

Todd Lamb - 23.3% (21.2%) [17.6%] {32%}
Mick Cornett - 20.4% (22%) [23.9%] {29%}
Kevin Stitt - 13.5% (7.8%) [3.4%] {not polled}
Gary Jones - 4.1% (2.6%) [3.4%] {"under 10%"}
Dan Fisher - 3.2%(3.7%) [4.0%] {"under 10%"}
Gary Richardson - 2.9% (7.2%) [9.0%] {"under 10%"}
Other candidate - 1.2%
Undecided - 31.3 (35.5%) [38.7%] {23%}

You can view the full crosstabs here.

On the Democratic side of things, Drew Edmondson got 43.5%, Connie Johnson 13.6%, and 42.9% were undecided.

Follow these links for the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General numbers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

OK Farm Bureau's PAC endorses candidates, including Lamb and Hunter

OKAgFund endorses, funds candidates in state elections

The OKAgFund, Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s political action committee, has endorsed 22 candidates and donated to 71 candidates running for election in statewide, state Senate and state House races.

The OKAgFund board met Friday, May 18, to donate a total of $63,000 to candidates and to choose candidates for endorsement based on input from farmers and ranchers across Oklahoma.

Comprised of OKFB members from across the state, the OKAgFund identifies candidates who demonstrate beliefs and actions that are consistent with OKFB’s policies, regardless of political affiliation. While the OKAgFund contributes financially to several state campaigns, an endorsement is the highest level of support the committee gives to chosen candidates.

“With so few people involved in agriculture, we must elect state leaders who value the needs of Oklahoma farmers and ranchers,” said Coy Farmer, OKAgFund chairman. “After careful consideration of all candidates by Farm Bureau members across the state, the OKAgFund is proud to support candidates who we believe will stand for agriculture and rural Oklahoma.”

The OKAgFund endorsed Todd Lamb in the 2018 Oklahoma gubernatorial election along with Mike Hunter for Oklahoma attorney general, Randy McDaniel for state treasurer and Glen Mulready for state insurance commissioner.

Oklahoma Senate candidates receiving an endorsement from the OKAgFund include Roger Thompson, SD 8; Frank Simpson, SD 14; Kim David, SD 18; and Brent Howard, SD 38.

Oklahoma House candidates endorsed by the OKAgFund included Jim Grego, HD 17; Justin Humphrey, HD 19; Charles McCall, HD 22; Kevin Wallace, HD 32; Greg Babinec, HD 33; Sean Roberts, HD 36; John Pfeiffer, HD 38; Todd Russ, HD 55; Harold Wright, HD 57; Rhonda Baker, HD 60; Scooter Park, HD 65; John Echols, HD 90; Lewis Moore, HD 96; and Tess Teague, HD 101.

The OKAgFund is supported by voluntary contributions from OKFB members across the state as an option portion of their membership dues.

Cornett launches new TV commercial

Cornett Campaign Launches Newest Commercial
“Diversify” draws contrast between inaction of state government and Mick’s record as Mayor

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mick Cornett’s campaign for governor on Tuesday released a new campaign advertisement titled “Diversify” which highlights Mick’s leadership in growing and diversifying the Oklahoma City economy.

“While state government squabbled over partisan issues, we used conservative principles to create a pro-business environment and transform our local economy to one of the most-diversified in the country,” Cornett said. “With leadership and vision we can provide certainty in the budget process and attract new industries to our great state so our economy can grow and Diversify.”

Watch the commercial here:

The language in the commercial reads:

It’s time to stop the talking and start solving our state’s problems.  It’s time to fix the mess of our state government. Conservative leadership works. As a mayor, we diversified our economy, creating nearly 100,000 new jobs and nearly10,000 new businesses. To solve our budget crisis, we need a growing economy. Tired of more talk and more taxes? Conservative leadership.  That’s what Oklahoma needs now.

Lamb launches third TV ad

Lamb Campaign Releases Third Television Ad
Primary Election - June 26 

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, May 22, 2018 – Oklahomans for Lamb unveiled its third television advertisement today in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Todd Lamb. The 30-second ad features excerpts from Lamb’s RENEW Oklahoma plan. In February, the campaign released its first television ad highlighting Lamb’s career as a United States Secret Service Agent, and last month unveiled its second ad featuring Lamb’s daughter, Lauren, talking about her father.

“As I have stated repeatedly on the campaign trail, I have a detailed action plan to address Oklahoma’s many challenges, and I will be ready from my first day in office to execute it,” Lamb said. “As a proven conservative, my RENEW Oklahoma plan outlines what Oklahoma must do in order to prosper. We must restructure the budget process, implement real education reform such as ensuring 65% of every education dollar to the classroom for teachers and students, and diversifying the economy, to name just a few. My plan does not increase taxes and is not based on rhetoric or the topic of the day. It is based in fact. Oklahoma is in the situation it is because of a lack of leadership, and because it has no plan. That will end when I am elected governor.”

Lamb’s RENEW Oklahoma plan outlines five primary initiatives:

  • Reform Government
  • Education
  • Neighborhoods
  • Economic Growth
  • Work

View the ad below:

Oklahomans interested in learning more about the RENEW Oklahoma plan and the Lamb campaign may visit, telephone the campaign headquarters at 405.252.4289 or email