Monday, June 24, 2024

Deevers calls for interim study on self-managed abortion as death pill billboards pop up around state

Dobbs Anniversary: Abortion Pill Billboards Pop Up Around Oklahoma -- Deevers Calls for Interim Study

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 24th) — On the anniversary of the Dobbs decision, Sen. Dusty Deevers, R-Elgin, responded to the presence of billboards advertising the abortion pill in Oklahoma. Deevers refuted the common misconception that abortion has been ended in the state and has proposed an interim study to investigate the prevalence of abortion pill sales and self-managed abortion.

“Abortion pill companies are taunting us,” Deevers said. “They know the pro-life laws we passed in recent years have a massive loophole and they are taking full advantage of it.”

One such billboard was spotted along Interstate 35 just South of Goldsby. The billboard depicts a woman’s hand holding abortion pills with the message: “Need to be un-pregnant?” Beneath the message is a link to the website where the death-inducing pills can be ordered.

Recent pro-life laws in Oklahoma prohibit abortion clinics from performing abortions but contain loopholes which permit women to manage their own abortions. The most common form of self-managed abortion is the ingestion of pills ordered online from out-of-state organizations like the one that paid for the billboard.

“While it is commonly said that abortion has been outlawed in Oklahoma, every pro-life law we have passed in recent years explicitly allows for self-managed abortion to continue,” Deevers said. “A handful of my Senate colleagues and I have warned about the continuing reality of self-managed abortion in Oklahoma and the need to close the self-managed abortion loophole. Hopefully these billboards will be a wakeup call to those committed to the sanctity of life.”

In response to the billboards, Deevers is proposing an interim study to ascertain how many self-managed abortions are occurring annually in Oklahoma.

“We cannot simply bury our heads in the sand as preborn children are murdered on our watch. The legislature needs to get a handle on exactly how many preborn children are continuing to be killed in Oklahoma,” Deevers said. “We, as civil officials, must defend the defenseless. Abortion is not a matter where good men and women can agree to disagree. We must reject cowardice and stand for justice. Preborn children will continue to die in self-managed abortions under our oversight if we do not act.”


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