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State Sen. Deevers comments on Bibles in Oklahoma public schools

Deevers Comments on Bibles in Oklahoma Public Schools

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 28th) — On Friday, Sen. Dusty Deevers, R-Elgin, commended State Superintendent Ryan Walters’ decision to incorporate the Bible into Oklahoma public school curriculum.

“The Bible’s status as the most important book ever written is not in dispute. Including it in public school curriculum is not a scandal: excluding it is. It is difficult, if not impossible, to provide students a proper understanding of Western civilization, world history, and U.S. history without significant emphasis on the Bible.

“The principles of inalienable rights, universal human dignity based on the image of God in man, and natural law written by God into creation are absolutely fundamental to the founding of the United States and the progress of Western civilization. Without significant reference to the Bible as it pertains to these ideals, how are Oklahoma students supposed to learn the context for the world in which they live?

“While the separation of Church and State is a good and Biblical principle, the separation of truth and state is not. The truth is that the Bible is fundamental to the society in which we live, which is one of many reasons it ought to be included in Oklahoma curriculum. Groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU are not fighting for ‘neutrality.’ They are fighting for state-sponsored Atheism to the exclusion of America and Oklahoma’s Christian roots. That is what is truly unconstitutional.

“The sham of ‘neutrality’ is exposed when pornographic books are in school libraries and public school buses are used as floats in Oklahoma City pride parades where students are exposed to near-nude and kink-promoting adults acting in a highly sexual, and one might argue, religious manner. It is unimaginable that the prevailing system of morality in some public schools allows this. Anyone wondering how we are in such an unstable and chaotic situation as a nation need look no further for an explanation than the fact that the ‘neutrality’ established by those in charge means that tax dollars may be used to debauch children in these ways while God’s Word is off-limits.

“I am pleased with Superintendent Walters’ decision and look forward to forthcoming directions for local implementation. From my understanding, the State Department of Education is developing guidelines and standards to ensure the curriculum does not present a denominational perspective or teach doctrines as though it were a seminary but focuses on the Bible’s important influence on world history, Western civilization, and the United States.”


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