Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Walters touts record levels of Title I, Part A grant funding for public schools

I'm convinced that Walters could be a more effective State Superintendent and less unnecessarily divisive, without compromising his principles, if he would ditch the immature Texas political consultant that is trying to manage his public appearance and persona. Matt Langston can't even broach what should be good news for and from Walters without throwing bombs; I'm not posting what he sent to the media, who have been antagonistic toward him and Walters in some part due to how he, in particular, has acted towards the media (it's a two-way street).

Ryan Walters Secures Record Levels of Title I, Part A Grant Funding

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (July 17th) – Ryan Walters has secured $224,661,041 in Title I, Part A Grant Funding.* This is the largest amount in State history and will allow schools to provide a never-before-seen level of resources to Oklahoma schools. It is another record investment in education followed closely by the funding school districts received in the 2023 legislative session.

For those who did not verify any information before spreading baseless rumors, I have provided the year-by-year data since FY20 at the bottom of the press release. You may review and confirm the allocations from the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the link below:

Funding Status & Awards - Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Please see the statement from Ryan Walters:

“Oklahoma schools will be receiving record Title funding for the upcoming school year. My office has been working tirelessly to ensure that every school in the state has the funding needed to adequately educate our kids. I will continue to keep a watchful eye on every federal dollar to make sure that our schools are focused on foundational learning tools not indoctrination.”

*Title I Grant Allocation

  • Joy Hofmeister - FY 2020: $199,914,390
  • Joy Hofmeister - FY 2021: $201,507,308
  • Joy Hofmeister - FY 2022: $211,951,355
  • Ryan Walters - FY 2023: $224,661,041

Walters also sent the following letter to state legislators:


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