Thursday, July 13, 2023

2023 post-election audits confirm accuracy and consistency of Oklahoma's voting process

If only other states used Oklahoma's voting process...

2023 Post-election Audits Show Accuracy of Oklahoma's Voting System

(Oklahoma City, June 28th) – Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax announced that the State Election Board recently published the results of post-election audits conducted in 2023 – including an audit of election results in all 77 counties for the State Question 820 held on March 7, 2023. 

The post-election tabulation audits for the February 14, March 7, and April 4 elections were conducted by county election board secretaries from May 22 through May 25. The tabulation audits for the June 13 elections were conducted from June 21 through June 23.

Post-election audits were open to the public, and included a mix of Election Day, mail absentee, and “early voting” ballots.

Each of the post-election audits confirmed the accuracy of the certified election results. Ziriax also noted that two candidate-requested hand recounts were included in the April 4 audit report and provided additional verification of the consistency and accuracy of Oklahoma’s voting process.

"It is unfortunate that we continue to hear some outlandish claims that Oklahoma elections are being determined by computer algorithms, 'phantom' voters, and other such nonsense," Ziriax said. "But the facts tell a different story: Oklahoma has one of the most accurate voting systems in the entire nation."

The 2023 post-election audit reports and archived post-election audit reports are available on the State Election Board's website.

Oklahoma began conducting post-election tabulation audits in 2022, pursuant to legislation enacted by the Oklahoma Legislature.

For more information about Oklahoma’s voting devices and election security, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board website at


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