Wednesday, June 07, 2023

20 Oklahoma legislators endorse Ron DeSantis for President

20 Oklahoma Legislators Endorse Gov. Ron DeSantis for President

ATLANTA, Ga. (June 7th) – 20 state senators and representatives in the Oklahoma legislature have endorsed Gov. Ron DeSantis to be the next President of the United States ahead of the governor’s trip to Tulsa on Saturday, June 10th.

“We need a two-term president to unwind the unconstitutional and disastrous polices out of Washington, D.C. that has bolstered the federal government’s power to pick winners and losers across America,” said Rep. Jon Echols, Majority Leader of the Oklahoma House. “Ron DeSantis has the courageous vision and the fighting power to give Oklahomans representation of our conservative cause for eight years, and I am confident he can deliver the election victory we need.”

“Ron DeSantis has a proven record of governing, protecting freedom and promoting the rights of States, parents, and small businesses,” said Sen. Lonnie Paxton, Chairman of the Oklahoma Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee. “We need eight years of his leadership to revive America’s greatness as an economic powerhouse and global leader in energy dominance and independence, and I am proud to support him in his bid to become our next president.”

The 20 legislators endorsing Gov. Ron DeSantis for President include:

  • Senator Lonnie Paxton (SD 23)
  • Senator Chris Kidd (SD 31)
  • Senator Roland Pederson (SD 19)
  • Senator John Michael Montgomery (SD 32)
  • Senator Brent Howard (SD 38)
  • (Majority Floor Leader) Representative Jon Echols (HD 90)
  • (Deputy Majority Leader) Representative Trey Caldwell (HD 63)
  • (Deputy Floor Leader) Representative John Pfeiffer (HD 38)
  • Representative Mike Osburn (HD 81)
  • Representative Neil Hays (HD 13)
  • Representative Ryan Martinez (HD 39)
  • Representative Nick Archer (HD 55)
  • Representative Anthony Moore (HD 57)
  • Representative Dell Kerbs (HD 26)
  • Representative Mark Lepak (HD 9)
  • Representative Josh West (HD 5)
  • Representative Chris Kannady (HD 91)
  • Representative Chad Caldwell (HD 40)
  • Representative Terry O’Donnell (HD 23)
  • Representative Chris Sneed (HD 14)


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