Thursday, January 19, 2023

Oklahoma State Election Board releases annual voter registration statistics

Looks like it's time to work on updating my Voter Registration Maps series again:

Annual Voter Registration Statistics Released –  Voter List Maintenance Conducted

(Oklahoma City) – An official voter registration report by the Oklahoma State Election Board shows 2,225,086 people are registered to vote as of January 15, 2023. The annual report comes days after the State Election Board conducted its statutorily-required voter list maintenance process, removing inactive voters and duplicate voters.

Current numbers show Republicans make up 51.9% of registered voters, while Democrats constitute 29.5% of the voting population. Libertarians consist of 0.9% of the voter registration rolls and Independents account for nearly 17.7%.

The routine voter list maintenance process was conducted on January 13 and removed 2,855 duplicate voter registrations and 83,719 inactive voter registrations from Oklahoma’s voter rolls. The removal of inactive and duplicate voter registrations is a thorough, multi-step process the State Election Board is required by law to conduct every two years following a General Election.

Duplicate registrations that were deleted matched newer registrations by the same person at a new address. Inactive registrations that were removed were for voters who failed to confirm their address in 2019 and then had no voter activity through the 2022 General Election. (The 2019 Address Confirmation Notices were sent to some voters for one of several different reasons required by law, including those who surrendered an Oklahoma driver license upon being issued a new one in another state, or who had a first-class mailing from the Election Board returned as “undeliverable,” or who were identified as a potential duplicate of a voter registration in another county or state, or who had no voter activity from the 2016 General Election through the 2018 General Election.)

The State Election Board reminds voters that the deadline to register or update their registration for the February 14 election is Friday, January 20. The voter registration deadline for the March 7 election is Friday, February 10. Applications must be postmarked or received by the deadline.

For more information on voter registration or to view voter registration statistics, visit the State Election Board website.


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