Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sen. Burns files bill to stop federal regulations on firearm suppressors made in Oklahoma

Burns files legislation to stop federal regulations on firearm suppressors made in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, has filed Senate Bill 720, to ensure firearm suppressors and the basic materials used to manufacture them in Oklahoma are not subject to federal laws or regulations.

“The federal government has time and time again tried to enforce gun control measures across the country, and infringe on our Second Amendment rights,” Burns said. “We must continue to put policies in place in Oklahoma to ensure that our firearms and freedoms are protected.”

SB 720 would require suppressors manufactured in Oklahoma to have “Made in Oklahoma” clearly stamped or engraved on them. Suppressors featuring this marking would be considered manufactured in the state if no materials other than generic and insignificant parts were imported from out of state.

“If a product is made here in Oklahoma, and stays here in Oklahoma, it should not be governed by federal policies that do not have the best interests of our state, people, or rights in mind,” Burns said.  

The bill would also prohibit any officer of the state or political subdivision from enforcing federal regulations relating to firearms suppressors, which are commonly referred to as silencers.

SB 720 can be considered after the legislative session convenes on Feb. 6.


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