Monday, August 23, 2021

Former Democrat OK Gov: Biden's handling of Afghanistan "a boneheaded mistake" and moral disaster

Former Democratic Oklahoma Governor David Walters (1991-1995) made the New York Times with some sharp criticism for President Joe Biden over the unmitigated disaster which has been the closing days of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
"I consider Afghanistan a boneheaded mistake, unforced error," said David Walters, a former Oklahoma governor who is now a member of the Democratic National Committee's executive committee. "There is no real excuse. This was morally and politically a disaster and just bad policy."

His statements come in an article discussing spreading uneasiness among Democrats over the midterm elections, given the fiasco in Kabul and a new surge of coronavirus infections. President Biden's approval rating has taken a dive since the beginning of August, even in surveys from Democratic-friendly polling outfits.