Monday, December 23, 2019

Are You Smarter than a Congressman? Take the Quiz and find out!

From Pursuit:

Congress just quickly passed a pair of massive spending bills that package what are supposed to be 12 separate spending bills into two giant omnibuses. Our entire discretionary budget is funded by these two bills (as opposed to programs such as Social Security, Medicare and interest payments that are mandatory). But there’s a whole lot more going on. 

Take our quiz to find out more about what’s in these bills. Once you’re done, you’ll likely know more about it then your Congressman!

Some of the questions featured:

  • How many pages are in the 2 spending bills?
  • How long did the House of Representative have to review before voting?
  • How much spending is included in the two omnibus bills?
  • How much military equipment did the spending bill include that was not in the Pentagon’s budget request?
  • The administration requested a total of $10.5 million for three regional economic development agencies (the Denali Commission, the Delta Regional Authority, and the Northern Border Regional Commission). How much did Congress give them?