Thursday, December 20, 2018

Gov.-elect Stitt tapps Mazzei for Secretary of Budget


Oklahoma City, Okla. (Dec. 20, 2018) – Governor-elect Kevin Stitt announced today the nomination of Mike Mazzei as the Secretary of Budget, a newly created cabinet position that will require Senate confirmation. As Secretary of Budget, Mazzei will be responsible for preparing and finalizing the governor’s annual state budget, providing oversight of its implementation and giving counsel for the state’s financial strategy.

“Mike Mazzei brings a depth of knowledge from his time as chair of the Senate Finance Committee as well as his success in the private sector that will benefit our administration greatly,” said Stitt. “As Secretary of Budget, he will continue to ensure that our fiscal house is in order and that accountability and transparency measures are implemented with the state’s use of Oklahomans’ hard-earned tax dollars.”

Mike Mazzei is the president of Tulsa Wealth Advisors and is a certified financial planner. Mazzei served as the Oklahoma Senator for Senate District 25 from 2004 to 2016. During his time in the legislature, Mazzei chaired the Senate Finance Committee for 10 years. His major accomplishments as a state senator include: fixing the broken pensions system in the state, eliminating the special retirement benefit for elected officials, authoring the Quick Action Closing Fund, and authoring the 21st Century Quality Jobs Program. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from George Mason University and a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning.

“Mike Mazzei is a terrific choice for Governor-elect Stitt’s cabinet. We applaud his appointment and are thrilled to have one of the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s board members and strongest OneVoice coalition advocates serving at the Capitol in such a critical role. From representing the residents of south Tulsa in the state Senate, including his 10 years as chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Mike is well acquainted with the opportunities and challenges facing our state. His financial acumen and private-sector experience as president of Tulsa Wealth Advisors will also be incredibly valuable for the incoming administration.” – Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Regional Chamber

“Making Oklahoma a Top 10 State begins with getting our financial engine fired up. Senator Mike Mazzei is the right leader with the vision, experience, and jumper cables to launch us forward.” – Joe Newhouse, Oklahoma Senator (Senate District 25)

"Mike Mazzei has over two decades of private sector experience as a successful financial advisor. He also served with distinction as the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He is an outstanding choice to serve as the Secretary of Budget." – John Randall McDaniel, Oklahoma Treasurer-Elect and former Oklahoma representative (House District 83)

“Mike Mazzei has the enviable talent of accurately investigating, researching, and dissecting numbers, spreadsheets, and the like, and, then, explaining the findings in a clear and concise way. His experience in personal, corporate, and state finances gives him the depth and breadth few have acquired. In addition, former Senator Mazzei is a man of integrity, veracity, and straight forwardness. He lives his life with admirable devotion to his wife and children. Surely many were considered for the position of Secretary of Budget, but no one is more suited for this job. Our state will be well served by Mike Mazzei.” – David Rader, Oklahoma Senator (Senate District 39)


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