Monday, October 29, 2018

Stitt campaign launches new TV ad


TULSA, Oklahoma (October 29, 2018) – The Kevin Stitt for Governor campaign announced its latest TV ad featuring Sarah Stitt, the wife of Kevin, titled “Sum”. In the ad, airing statewide, Sarah Stitt talks about why her husband is the only candidate who can deliver change in Oklahoma’s state government.

“For the last 20 years, I’ve watched him. I know what makes him the man he is. Running for governor, for Kevin, is about one thing – one very big thing. It’s about change,” Sarah opens in the new TV ad.

“Changing the state’s direction; changing our leaders to solve our problems and fix our schools. He’ll shine the light of accountability and transparency on state government, and get our state moving in the right direction for a change.”

Throughout the campaign, Sarah Stitt has been a surrogate for her husband on the campaign trail, giving insight into her front row seat to Kevin Stitt being an agent of change. She shares her story of how they started off with few resources, but due to Kevin’s commitment, resolve, and visionary leadership, they have experienced great success with Gateway Mortgage.

In an article by the Tulsa World on Oct. 18, Sarah calls Kevin the “right person at the right time,” describing Kevin as someone always “thinking about the future, setting goals and achieving them.”

Sarah also shares on the campaign trail about her two personal passions that she would focus on as First Lady – education and mental health.

In an article by the Oklahoman on Sept. 30, Sarah opened up about her family’s history with mental illness and substance abuse, calling her own life “nothing short of a miracle.” Sarah continues to share her story in the closing days of the campaign, committed to making a difference in raising awareness to these critical issues.


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