Friday, October 12, 2018

OK Psychological Assoc opposes SQ793

Oklahoma Psychological Association Opposes State Question 793

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Psychological Association (OPA) today announced it is opposing State Question 793, a November ballot initiative that would allow big box stores like Walmart to open optometry clinics within their retail spaces and dictate the scope of practice for their doctors. The OPA specifically opposes language within the initiative that allows corporate employers to sign agreements with doctors to “limit their practice.”

“Medical professions need to be governed by medical boards and by doctors,” said OPA President Dr. Lori Holmquist-Day. “It is not appropriate to allow non-medical corporations like Walmart to limit what procedures a doctor can do, what treatments a doctor can prescribe, or what equipment a doctor can use. That is true in psychology, in optometry and in any other field devoted to medicine, health and wellness.”

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  1. I appose this because I'm sick and tired of our government giving our states resources away ! and I refuse to pay a 48 billion dollar company any more of our resources here . I don't mind business moving into Oklahoma, what I do mind, is when our government starts playing the pay (Us) game . set up your business, expand if you want , but don't expect Oklahoma to pay for this in any shape size or form . the revenue it creates, is suppose to help us , not the other way around . and your pay to play system here is draining our economy, and this state had better find another way to do business and do it now ! I don't know who sets up these so called deals ? but taxpayers will no longer pay for them , Get it ? we sure do. we want a fair market we want a open market and we want one they expands our revenue . not a we pay you revenue . I will not vote yes on this pay to play bill !


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