Friday, June 16, 2017

Map: voter affiliation changes, April '16 to April '17

Here's the newest edition to my long-running Voter Registration Maps series. Last spring, we took a look at party affiliation changes between the recognization of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and the pre-election deadline for party affiliation changes. Here, we look at changes between April 1st, 2016, and April 1st, 2017.

When looking strictly at affiliation changes (i.e. no new voters), the OKGOP added 18,428 voters and lost 8,093 to other parties, for a net gain of +10,335. Oklahoma Democrats added 6,780, but lost 17,367 voters for a net of -10,587. The newly-formed OKLP added 1,388 members and lost 53, for a net gain of 1,335. Independents added 8,668 voters and lost 9,751, for a net loss of -1,083.

More tidbits:

  • 53% of the Libertarian additions were Republicans
  • 71.8% of Democrats and 60.8% of Independents who switched parties chose the GOP
  • Contrary to popular thought that Independents are growing primarily at the expense of the GOP, 1,926 more Independents moved to Republican than did Republicans to Independent.
  • 9.7% of Republican party-switchers went to the Libertarian Party, compared to 4.15% of Independents and 1.4% of Democrats (ironic, given that the national and state Libertarians seem to cater to the Democrat voters)
I'll be posting an update to the statewide map of Libertarians soon.

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  1. I don't detect any catering to Democrats by Libertarians either at the state or local level, although there is, and should be, a definite willingness to differ with the GOP. And if there weren't a divergence of views between the LP and the Republican Party that would seem to be an argument against aligning with the Libertarian Party.


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