Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Oklahoma results: Trump dominated early, but Cruz surged on election day

Looking at the returns for Oklahoma's Republican presidential primary, you can see that winner Ted Cruz made a big surge with election-day voting.

Absentee voting made up 2.39% of total votes cast, and Donald Trump had a 6.06% lead over Cruz. Early voting was 4.08% of votes cast, and Trump still had a 5.77% lead over Cruz. However, Cruz beat Trump by 6.87% on election day, where 93.52% of all ballots were cast. On election day, there was a 12.64% swing in Cruz's favor.

Other results:

  • After a slight increase between absentee and early voting, Marco Rubio held steady between early voting and election day. 
  • Jeb Bush pulled 3.31% in absentees, but after he dropped out his figures dropped below 0.4%.
  • Ben Carson dipped during early voting, then gained slightly on election day
  • John Kasich lost about 1/3rd of his support on election day from what he got during the absentee/early voting.