Sunday, March 13, 2016

Op-ed: Common Core May Be Coming Back to OK Classrooms March 23rd

Kevin Batts, blogger at

Why March 23rd Common Core May Be Coming Back to an Oklahoma Classroom Near You
Brought to You by State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister

While the electorate is distracted by the Republican Presidential primaries candidates, the voters in Oklahoma are unaware that Common Core is about to be brought back to their state. The Oklahoma legislature has been lulled to sleep and unaware of how close they are to bringing back Common Core via approving newly submitted state education standards.

In 2014, Oklahomans led an enormous grassroots effort that completely upended the education industrial complex in the state. The repeal is widely recognized as the first full repeal of Common Core in the country. Meanwhile, the advocates of the Common Core standards regrouped in Oklahoma and in their retreat, their plan was to rename it. The resurrection of common core in Oklahoma has been planned incrementally.

The anatomy of the Common Core of yesterday and the one of today are identical but to pacify the electorate, the Common Core of yesterday had to go underground.

This takes us to 2016 and the submission of new standards for English and Math as the replacement in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Legislators in the Sooner state, are knowingly or unknowingly, on March 23rd, are about to welcome the Common Core standards back into the state. The vehicle they’re using to bring it back in are the new subject matter standards that are aligned with the ACT testing series. A series that in the test makers own words is known to be Common Core aligned.


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