Thursday, January 21, 2016

Muskogee Mayor/City Council candidates and ward map

The election for Muskogee mayor and city council will be held on February 9th, about two-and-a-half weeks from today. Officially, these races are non-partisan; however, voter registration can give you an idea of how a candidate leans. Given that these races tend to attract little attention, I'm posting the candidates registration, as well as a map of the Muskogee City Council Wards.

Candidates for Mayor: Three individuals filed to run for Mayor - incumbent Bob Coburn (R) and challengers Wayne Divelbiss (R) and Pete Caraway (R). Ironically, in a city where maybe 25% of registered voters are Republican, all three mayoral candidates are Republican.

Candidates for Ward I (unexpired term): two candidates filed - incumbent Janey Cagle-Boydston (D) and challenger Joshua Matthew Casarez (D).

Candidates for Ward I (full term): a whopping five people filed for this office - incumbent Lee Ann Langston (D), and challengers Patrick Cale (R), John Mark Lowrimore (D), Holly Rosser-Miller (D), and Diana White (R).

Candidates for Ward IV: two candidates filed here - incumbent Wayne Johnson (D) and challenger Lynne Wagner Wallis (R).

The election is Tuesday, February 9th.

 Here is a map showing the boundaries for each city council ward:

(click on image to view larger)


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