Sunday, January 17, 2016

OKGOP Vice-Chair Estela Hernandez resigns to join OCPA

Hat tip to The Okie for first breaking this story:

OKGOP Vice Chair Estela Hernandez sent the following email to members 
of the OKGOP Executive Committee on Sunday afternoon.  

Good afternoon all,
I hope you are having a great start to 2016.

I want to begin by thanking each of you for all your support and encouragement you have given me. Thank you for your time and commitment by serving on the OKGOP Executive Committee. I respect and admire each of you and it has been a privilege to work along side you.

I have learned that often times in order to be more effective as an activist, we have to narrow our focus to make a greater impact.

Several weeks ago, I was approached by OCPA to join their team. After much prayer and conversation with my family, I have decided to accept their offer. I will be submitting my letter of resignation as Vice Chair tomorrow and my first day at OCPA will be Tuesday, January 19th.
I’m very excited to start a new chapter in advocating for our conservative issues.

Warm regards,

Estela Hernandez

So what does this mean? Here's what the OKGOP Rules say:
Rule 10(i)
Vacancies of State Chairman and Vice Chairman: If the State Chairman shall die, move from the state, resign, or otherwise become disqualified, then the Vice Chairman shall serve as Chairman until such vacancy shall be filled by the State Committee at a special meeting held within sixty (60) days for such purpose pursuant to written or electronic notice sent to all members of said committee stating such purpose 30 days prior to said meeting. Any person elected to fill such vacancy shall serve the remainder of the unexpired term. If the Vice Chairman shall die, move from the state, resign, or otherwise become disqualified, then the vacancy shall be filled by the State Committee as described for filling the office of Chairman.

As was done last fall to replace OKGOP Chairman Randy Brogdon, the OKGOP State Committee will have to hold a special election to replace Hernandez.


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